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Boarding/Record Retention

With Oak Street Servicing, you get a seamless transfer of records, ease of access, and a secure and stable collections platform with minimized documentation costs.

  • Ability to store loan documents electronically
  • Automatic recording of payment history
  • Capacity to transfer borrower history to your systems

Billing/Payment Processing

Oak Street Servicing can provide you with back office savings, flexibility of payment approaches while maximizing recoveries.

  • Daily bank activity import
  • Payment reconciliation with amount
  • Processing of loan payoff upon full payment

Collections/Risk Management

We customize collections to your risk levels, including setting up trigger points for consultation, regulatory compliance and trigger points that denote when you want to be contacted.

  • Communication with the borrower when payment doesn’t cover amount due or not received
  • Management to your risk levels, including borrower communications
  • Consultations with you regarding write-off
  • Access to Oak Street’s legal network

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